"Kristin was referred to us by a friend and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. She has a great energy and an obvious passion for what she is doing which went a long way towards building a strong, trusting relationship with us. She was always available at a moment's notice to take our call and answer our questions, consistently making us feel comfortable throughout the process while giving us the guidance we needed to make the right decisions. After a relatively short search and a smooth escrow, Kristin went above and beyond by standing by us and resolving some issues we had with the state in which the previous owners left our new home. Ultimately, all was made right and we only have Kristin to thank for that. All around, highly recommend. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful real estate agent."​

Levi & Ashley  -  Newhall, CA  2017

Real Estate testimonials 

"As a first time home buyer, I was unfamiliar with the home buying process, but Kristin was there to help us every second of the way.  We were very picky and looked at many houses for over a year before placing an offer.  Kristin never said no to showing us houses, even though we wanted to see multiple almost every weekend. The first house we put an offer in to was accepted - and with multiple other offers, I believe it was because of Kristin that we got the house!  Although Kristin did not do much work in our area,  there was never a question she couldn't answer and was very knowledgeable.  I highly recommend using Kristin as an agent."

Alyssa Volpe  -  Thousand Oaks, CA  2019

"We got so lucky with being matched with Kristin for our first home buying experience. She never pressured us which made me feel like she would be the best fit to move forward with. She is calm and relaxed and her interior design background makes you notice things you wouldn't otherwise notice during house hunting and inspections such as needing a counter depth fridge to making sure appliances work. I would recommend her to anyone but especially first time buyers who may think the experience will be overwhelming."

Ashley Hinkle  -  Canoga Park, CA  2018

"My family and I are moving into our 'forever' home thanks to Kristin Alonso. The list of our must-haves was lengthy and the area we wanted to find a home was specific. My husband and I work in opposite areas of LA county so our home search was concentrated in the valley. We found Kristin at an open house and our first impression of her was very strong. She was friendly, open, knowledgeable of the area., and not overbearing. After a few conversations, we asked Kristin to help us find a home. She really listened to our list and offered suggestions and advice when we needed it. Kristin also was not afraid of saying she did not know the answer to a question and consulted her colleagues. Her honesty about every aspect was very refreshing it was clear that our interests and comfort were her priority. She was very reachable and communicative and exceptionally positive and truthful about every situation. We inundated her with questions and shared lists of our must-see houses on the weekends and was available to go with us. Her presence was helpful because she has a realtor's training and a parent's eye. During our bidding and buying process, she was strategic and thoughtful and showed up to our inspections and guided us through the mounds of paperwork. We had a small hiccup during escrow and Kristin smoothed out the communication problems. One of the escrow contractors noted that she had a really positive attitude. Her attitude really defused any stressful situation. Kristin is an advocate for homebuyers. Anyone who works with her will know that she wants the best for her client."

Stella & Ben  -  West Hills, CA  2018

Kristin Alonso was nothing short of the perfect realtor, especially for first time homebuyers. Finding a dream home was an overwhelming thought, but Kristin made the entire process not only enjoyable but easy, especially in a seller's market. She earned our absolute trust from the beginning and only did things to cement that trust throughout the process. We felt that Kristin equipped us with every bit of knowledge necessary when putting offers on houses and once we continued in the process, she always had our back while in escrow and negotiations.   She was also very communicative throughout the entire process; she would make herself available to us as much as humanly possible, she always found time in her schedule, and she wouldn't hesitate to meet us at any house we were interested in -- no matter the part of town or city we were looking in.

Kristin, most importantly, was incredibly easy to work with. She genuinely wanted to make sure we found our perfect home and didn't want us to settle for anything less and she never forced us into making concessions. She was receptive to all of our feedback, wants and wishes and put zero pressure on us to make a decision, even if a house we were looking at was more expensive and would have been a bigger sale. She truly looked out for our best interest throughout the entire home buying process and for that, we couldn't be more grateful!   We really believe we live in our dream home because of her!

Kristin & Angelo   -  Valencia, CA  2017