When it comes to interior design I clearly have no vision!  I contacted irstudios.com and spoke with Kristin Alonso.  She has an amazing vision, she is great with feng shui, and color schemes.  Kristin has a passion for her work as she went around my house, room by room, pointing out the colors to use for that direction.  Kristin is probably one of the most creative people I have ever met and would use her services again.

Danette Balen  -  West Hills, CA 

Interior Design/Feng Shui TESTIMONIALS 

I had a great experience with IRStudios and Kristin Alonso.  I wanted to make my house more comfortable feeling and her knowledge of colors and accents really made a difference in the overall tone of my home.   Her interior design suggestions made an impact on how I feel on a day to day basis. 

‚ÄčKristin is great with taking what you already have and moving them into different areas of your home.  Her knowledge and Feng Shui experience is a huge plus when redecorating your home, too.  We moved some paintings into different areas in the home where we wanted to highlight in our lives and I ended up winning an award in my career! 

We added a color to a room that turned the room into a completely different feeling.   Overall, I would highly recommend Kristin for her Interior Design ideas and her Feng Shui knowledge.  Even small changes made a huge difference in my life.      Thank you, Kristin! 

Rachel Angeline  -  Tarzana, CA